Regulations for Walks and Functions


The Committee shall make all arrangements for walks and functions in accordance with the Club Rules and such arrangements may be altered only by the Committee. Unless the Committee otherwise arranges, a walk shall take place at least every month, except during vacation. The vacation shall last from the Christmas Dinner until such time, not later than the second Saturday in March, as the Committee determines. 


  1. Walks Program

The walks programme will be prepared by the Walks Secretary and approved by the Committee. The walks programme shall be prepared at a time to allow it to be published as the annual Calendar and Members List and distributed at the Annual General Meeting.

The programme customarily includes several days away, known as “Uncup”, to allow members to participate in walks at more distant locations. 

  1. Types of Walks

Walks will be listed in the programme as for “Members”, when one or more male guests may be invited, or as an “Open Day”, when members may invite their family and other guests, both male and female. Each member may invite a guest to any walk or function; but except on Open Days no person shall be invited as a guest more than twice in one year, except with the consent of the Committee.

  1. Notification of Walks

Notification of each walk is normally included in the Club Newsletter prior to the published date of the walk.  The notification shall include detailed instructions to allow members to travel to the starting point of the walk. The instructions shall also include the estimated distance and expected conditions of the walk. 

  1. Conduct of Walks

The walks will be under the direction of a walk Leader, usually the Walks Secretary. In the absence of the Walks Secretary or on special occasions an alternative Leader will be nominated by the Committee.

At every walk, all members and guests attending shall sign an attendance list circulated by the Leader or the Honorary Secretary, to be retained by the Honorary Secretary for record purposes. The list will also record apologies received from members unable to attend the walk.  Members unable to attend a walk or function shall notify the Secretary or another Committee member. 

For every walk, the Leader will set the pace such that every member present should be able to complete the walk without distress. The Leader shall call a halt for rest at a suitable place at regular intervals depending on the conditions of the walk.

Except with his approval members or guests shall not walk in advance of the Leader.

Depending on the conditions of the walk, the Leader may also nominate another attending member to act as walk Follower (Tail end Charlie) to accompany the slowest walkers and ensure that they are able to complete the walk or return to the starting point if necessary. The Leader and Follower shall maintain regular contact during the walk. The Leader and Follower may communicate with each other using portable radio equipment or mobile telephone when considered appropriate.

The Leader may also include the option of a shorter walk for those members who feel unable to complete the planned walk. In these cases, another attending member shall be nominated to act as Leader for those choosing to take the shorter walk.

Those members who decide to leave a walk before its completion shall notify the Leader or Follower of their intentions before they leave the walk. The Leader or Follower shall establish that those members leaving the walk are able to return to the starting point unassisted.

Those members who decide to join a walk after its commencement shall notify the Leader of their intentions before the walk commences.    

  1. Extreme Weather

When a day of total fire ban has been declared on the day of the walk at the location of the walk the walk shall be cancelled.

Where the temperature on the day of the walk is predicted to be 35o C or above, the walk shall be cancelled. 

Where other types of extreme weather are predicted or encountered at the location of the walk the Walks Secretary may cancel the walk. 

Any member in doubt about whether a walk is cancelled should contact the Walks Secretary. 

  1. First Aid

The Club will provide and maintain a basic first aid kit. The Leader shall ensure that the kit is available at every walk.

  1. Emergency

The Leader shall ensure that at every walk a mobile telephone, or other suitable means of communication, is available to allow contact with the appropriate authorities in the event of a medical or other emergency.


The functions shall include an Annual Dinner on the occasion of the Annual General Meeting of the Club, a Spring Dinner, and a Christmas Dinner. 

Approved by the Committee, February 2014 with minor revisions approved in May 2020