Greenvale Walk Report 2021

Covid restrictions once again impacted Walk Secretary Stephan Brown’s plan for the walk from Norton’s park to Jells Park. With outside gatherings restricted to 20 people and usual attendance exceeding that number, Stephan swung into motion at short notice to rearrange the scheduled walk. Two separate gatherings were scheduled with short walkers in one group and longer walkers in the other. We thank Stephan for the extra effort he took to enable
Wallabies to enjoy a walk on what turned out to be a beautiful Winter’s day.

Max Richards reported that thirteen short walkers, including our newest member, Sue Balderstone, and a visitor, Nina Hansen, (introduced by Wendy Chuck) met at Stringybark picnic area for a picnic lunch. Following lunch, the group ambled around Jells Lake, enjoying lots of very pleasant conversation. Water views always enhance a walk, and on this occasion offered plenty of white ibis, some young swans and the usual waterbirds. The enjoyment of so many picnicking families was a pleasure to see, testimony perhaps to the easing of the lockdown.

Meanwhile, 20 longer walkers including guest Andy Hansen met in the vicinity of the Elms picnic area. As Jells Park was extremely busy, it took a few phone calls with Stephan Brown before everyone found the meeting place. Stephan had fortunately managed to secure a picnic table near the playground and was wearing a red jumper which helped with locating the group. As Stephan pointed out in his walk introduction, the walk would be completed in reverse to the walk that was originally planned. He advised that “in these difficult times we have to be good at pivoting”. Some commented that walking backwards would be very tiring!!

The longer walkers set out off towards Shepherd’s Bush following the Dandenong Creek Trail which was shared with many cyclists, some in large groups including one irritated cyclist who called “Single file Walkers!!” when she came across the Wallaby Group.