Pipemakers Park Walk Report 2011

We had our lunch on a site of great historic interest. Pipemakers Park on the banks of the Maribyrnong River contains three bluestone buildings that survive from the days when it was Australia’s largest meat cannery. One bluestone building was the preserving department, including cooking and the filling of the tins. The second building next door was a workshop and machinery room. The third bluestone building, now the Visitor Centre, was the boiling-down department. The cannery closed in 1886.

The Visitor Centre is a must see for anybody interested in the history of the area. In 1912, Walter Hume took over the bluestone buildings, establishing a concrete pipe factory. The Hume firm became the largest concrete pipe company in Australia.The walk along the river bank took us past the site of an old explosives factory, now apartments with river views. Wildlife was plentiful with 22 species of birds seen. In spite of the cold weather 23 Wallabies attended the walk. Thanks as usual to Walks Secretary Brian for a most interesting walk.